ECINET is national portal. Functionalities available are,

  • Monitoring dashboard for NERP 2016
    • Existing and proposed polling stations latitude-longitude
    • Extended BMF details
    • Submit photographs/image/map of polling stations
    • Personal information supervisor/BLO
    • NERP 2016 implementation schedule
    • Submission of part, section boundaries
  • NERP 2016 - Error and multiple entry correction
    • Error correction, photo match for identifying possible multiple entries
    • Checklist for field verification
    • Contact and family details
    • ASD details
  • Form Processing,
    • View and print forms submitted online
    • Identify appropriate part for the address provided
    • BLO Assignment for field verification
    • Generation of checklist for field verification by BLO
    • Data entry of BLO recomendations
    • Approve, Reject or schedule hearing
    • Know the status of progress

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